Suturing Mission

The suturing Mission is a project started at the Humanitas University Chapter of Mission Brain, in Milano, Italy.

It started as a collaboration between mission brain and company UpSurgeOn, with the donation of 10 simulators to the chapter. The aim of this collaboration, since the very beginning was not only to provide a simulation opportunity to the medical student of the chapter but to conceive the project already in a global way, thinking of ways to make it auto-sustainable and replicable worldwide. With the goal of "Suturing" gaps in the medical education of students in a peer-to-peer effort, a first Symposium was realized at Humanitas University in Milano, with several seminars held by worldwide experts in the field of neurosurgery and neuroscience and sessions of surgical simulations. With over 200 participants and more than 6000 dollars collected, the project was then replicated in Spain, then in India with 350 participants, and will soon take place in Pakistan and hopefully many more countries in the future.

Besides offering the occasion to practice neurosurgical skills already at the student level, this project proposes a model for international collaboration which could be applied in other fields and thinks as educational opportunities on a network scale instead of limiting them to a single country.

When willing to provide equal possibilities, it is fundamental to think and plan the project globally from its start, to be able to provide for its sustainability.

We believe that suturing is the best metaphor for a healthy collaboration: putting tissues in the best condition for them to repair and develop their own potential autonomously, not substituting to them but being a bridge to favour their development and evolution.

Team who created the Suturing Mission:

  • Project Leader: Matilde Pittarello

  • Communications: Chiara Punziano

  • Fundraising: Anna Parisi

  • Logistics: Lorenzo Pavia

  • Simulation: Ludovica Beretta

  • Education: Elena Zambelli

  • International Relations: Anna Dashiell

  • Research: Luca Bertolino

  • Ex President of Mission:Brain Humanitas: Adrian Safa